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Euro 800


EURO 800

20 ft – 30 ft – 2×20 ft – 40 ft HC – 40 ft ISO – 45 ft op 45 ft position

Major advantages of EURO 800
patented multifunctional container chassis.

  • This chassis, characterized by its simplicity and user-friendliness, has been specially developed for use at large fleets or rental companies with international branches, as well as transport companies that have to switch quickly and frequently between different container positions.
  • Ideal due to the high interchangeability between drivers, without the need for language or product knowledge. Slides front and back simultaneously to the desired position with 1 simple operation.
  • Container doors can be opened together at the front above the lowered socket, or optionally separately with a raised socket.
  • Reinforced sturdy “Vandal-Hufter proof” execution on chassis, neck construction, container arms and rear frame, suitable for heavy containers and robust against intense heavy handling when loading ..
  • The Hufterproof rear is equal with the rear of a 45 ft container at the back to prevent destruction or damage to the dock doors when docking too high.
  • 2 kingpin positions where 1st kingpin is suitable for Benelux (legally permitted) which gives more space between cabin and chassis (comfort driver) and 2nd kingpin according to German legislation (paragraph 70) also suitable for all EU countries to legally use 45ft with EURO 800. transport.
  • with a homologated approval of 43 tons MTM (when using 6×2 tractor).
  • Transports a new generation 20ft High Cube (9.6ft) container within the 4,040mm legal height (low bed).
  • Reinforced container arms on all container connections as new generations of 20ft are now homologated and common up to 34 tons.
  • Since rear is equal to 45ft, it meets all EU standards regarding dimensions, lighting and bumper distances as laid down in EU regulations and German legislation (45ft).
  • Equipped with A-brand EU materials, and produced in very high quality steel, treated in accordance with the highest standards of conservation.

An extremely user-friendly sturdy polyvalent chassis at a very competitive price, built to contemporary legal standards with a long service life based on the many years of experience of Renders

Why you choose Renders Trailers

40 years of innovative experience
Easiest operation on the market
Durable "vandal-proof" robust design
Thoughtful functionality and quality in detail
EU approved for 43 tons MTM with 6x2 tractor